What is raw and living food?

Raw and Living FoodRaw food is whole, with its enzymes intact in their pure form. Raw food has the enzymes that are necessary for your body to use in the digestion process and, therefore, extract the nutrition from the food.

Visit our Raw Living Information page to learn more about raw foods and their importance when it comes to topics such as:
» Raw, Living Food
» Enzymes
» Good Fats / Bad Fats
» Weight Management
» Acid/Alkaline Balance
» Organic Fruits/Vegetables and the Environment
» Good Water

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Tasty Raw Recipes
Tasty Raw Recipes

Visit our Recipes page, where Geni shares some of her very best raw foods recipes. Currently featured is a simple and delicious recipe for Almond Milk.

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See What Others Are Saying About Geni
Geni in the Kitchen

"I need to tell you how much I enjoyed taking your raw foods prep.class. It has transformed my life, my home, my family and even some of my dearest friends. In terms of transforming my life, it all began with learning the simple art of sprouting. My 13 y.o. daughter now walks up to a tray of fresh buckwheat shoots growing in our kitchen and harvests what she wants for her salad. I look forward to talking with you more in the near future to tell you more about the important ways you and your class have made such difference in my life."

-Jen, Charlotte, VT

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